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December 1, 2011
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Lucy S. Vallenheart by OrangeSymphony Lucy S. Vallenheart by OrangeSymphony
Ahaha... Wow. My coloring skills. They are scary. So! I was thinking of doing this on livestream but then i realized something: I'm prone to sucking hard core when people watch
me lol so im'a hold off on that until later
anyhoo, Here's Lucy.

♦ Name: Lucy S. Vallenheart

♦ Age: 18

♦ Species: Witchy!

♦ Weight: 110 lbs

♦ Personality: She's really bubbly and cheerful. She loves to meet new people but if you're not doing your work, she'll get on you! She's always yelling at Naoki for not doing what he's supposed to be doing lol. She loves magic, but she specializes in Tarot readings. If you come see her, she'll always greet you with a smile.

♦ Motto: "It's not enough to say you can do it. You have to actually do it!"

♦ Likes: Tarot readings, meeting new people, her home, making herself look nice, dying her hair different colors and when she makes someone happy.

♦ Dislikes: When she makes people unhappy with her readings, when Naoki walks around the house naked, when Naoki doesn't do his work, when Naoki assumes she'll be doing the cooking that night, when Naoki casually sleeps in her bed, when Naoki does inappropriate things, the fact that their inventory guy didn't let her name him and the fact that Naoki nicknamed him Muttonchops. Also bugs.

♦ Back story: Lucy grew up with her awesome parents in a small place called Holtown. They leaved there peacefully until some stupid mofo human was all: 'Yo, I think these bazitches be witches!' and he got the whole town to turn against them because man, they were scared as bum. They were a very religious town that believed any deviation was terrible and must be killed. Lucy's 'rents were all: 'Lucy darling! Leave without us! We'll be right behind you man!' and so Lucy, being only five, did what she was told and ran. She ran the hell out of that town, but when she looked back to make sure her parents were there, all she saw was the town up in flames. Not being a stupid little turd like in the movies, she didn't go back. Instead, she tried to hold in her tears and keep her parents sacrifice in town. She walked for miles and days without any food until she came upon a town. Desperate she walked in, but it was deserted. She had lost all hope... Until something magical happened. The moon rose in the sky and slowly, the lights started to turn on. The town started to come alive! People walked outside, giggled and chatted among themselves. It was the weirdest thing she'd ever seen. That's when a kindly old man helped her out. He saw how hungry and dirty she looked and decided to let her stay with him. They exchanged stories and then Lucy started helping out as his Magic shop. From that day on, she still runs it with her two friends.

♦ Extra Information:
1. Her tarot readings are ALWAYS 100% accurate. What she says will always happen.
2. She lives on top of the magic shop with her two friends.
3. You'll almost always find her at her desk in the Magic shop or out exploring the town.
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okayfinewhatever Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013
i got here by searching "I SURE DO LOVE TURD."
Electrispaz Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
((Roleplay time. :iconsrsplz:))
Annabelle stepped into the magic shop tentatively, keeping her hands in close to her. She was looking to make some friends, but had just realized that might be a little hard to just walk into a store and start chatting with someone. But she had to give it a shot. She dropped her hands to an idle position as she saw the shop appeared to be empty. "Hello? Is anyone here?" She asked quietly.
OrangeSymphony Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lmao c:

Lucy was in the storage room at the back of the shop when she heard someone enter. Figuring Naoki was on cash, she ignored it, but when she hear the person ask if anyone was there, she twitched. "That little bastard," she mumbled, cursing Naoki for being such an idiot. Regaining her composure, she put on a smile and skipped out front, "Hello! I'm sorry, our idiot cashier is supposed to be here, but as you can clearly see, he's run off. Can I help you with anything instead?"
Electrispaz Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
"Oh, I was just looking, but with no one out front I didn't know if you were open... By the way, I'm Annabelle, I just moved here from Boston." She smiled as she introduced herself to the girl, her bubbly personality showing through quite obviously even with the few words she had spoken. "It's nice to meet you!"
OrangeSymphony Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lucy returned the smile, "I'm Lucy; it's a pleasure to meet you." She paused a moment, stroking her chin, "We are open, but our cashier is a bit of a ditz. Even if there's no one out front, please don't hesitate to come in."
Electrispaz Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
"Oh, alright!" She replied brightly as she began to look around. "This is a very nice shop!" She commented as she looked at the decor that created a wonderfully mystical atmosphere.

((I laughed when I saw 'stroking her chin' because that's EXACTLY what Naoki did when HE met Annabelle...))
OrangeSymphony Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
((LMAO Seriously? XD They are alike more than they know, I guess!))

"Thank you," Lucy grinned. "We do our best to make sure everything is perfect! Did you have something specific you wanted to see?"
Electrispaz Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
((Then they launched into a conversation about chin accesories...))

"No, I was just looking around, trying to meet some of the townspeople so I wouldn't be quite as much of the 'new resident'" She responded as she continued looking at the trinkets. "I doubt you would sell the only thing I'm looking for."
OrangeSymphony Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
((Oh god, he did the chin model spiel didn't he? XD Naoki tells everyone he's a chin model! I wouldn't be surprised if that's what you ended up talking about xD ))

"Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that. I am a witch, so I sell a lot of homemade things as well. Give it a shot; I might surprise you," she said.
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darkwarrior05 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011  Student Digital Artist
sdiuhfknsdk her hair is so beautiful c:
you have amazing skills, and I love her eyes as always <33
ahah she seems liek such a fun character as well!
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